Dear Participants,

The Fourth International Humanities Congress (4th International Humanities Congress), organised by Izmir Democracy University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, will be held between 17-19 November 2023. We will accept both online and face-to-face oral presentations from invited speakers and participants from Turkey and other countries. The title of the congress is defined as “Migration from Past to Present via the Perspective of Social Sciences”. During the congress, which will be held at Izmir Democracy University, national and international participants will present and discuss current information and innovations in their fields within the framework of the congress’s title.

Bringing together the disciplines of anthropology, archaeology, geography, translation studies, linguistics, literature, philosophy, fine arts, folklore, psychology, art history, sociology, and history in the field of social sciences, our congress allows academics working in different fields of expertise to share their knowledge, opinions, and analyses. It aims to provide opportunities to evaluate the subject from an interdisciplinary perspective.

In accordance with this purpose, we shall be honoured to welcome esteemed scholars at our congress. Depending on the request of the participants, the presentations will either be published in the proceedings book as full-text (abstract book will not be published) or as an international book chapter in 2023.

We hope to welcome you at The Fourth International Humanities Congress: Migration from Past to Present via the Perspective of Social Sciences.


Congress President: Prof. Dr. Bedriye TUNÇSİPER, Rector


The Organizing Committee